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Discover Profitable Businesses That May Not Be in Your Country Yet

Each week, find 4 businesses that you can replicate in your country.

What's a replicable business?

It's a successful idea that worked well in one place and is ready to be used in another. It's like a proven plan for success that you can copy in your own country. We collect these successful ideas for you to learn from. It's like having a guidebook to follow. See an idea and use it in your own way.

Business Replication: A Proven Success with Real-World Examples


American electric scooter and bike-sharing company.

Replicated by:

Ola Electric (India)

Valued at over $5 billion


American online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products

Replicated by:

Pet Circle (Australia)

 Valued at over $350 million 


Online home remodeling and design platform, connecting homeowners with professionals and design ideas.

Replicated by:

Livspace (India, 2015) Valued at $450 million


Online restaurant reservation platform, allowing users to discover and book reservations at various dining establishments.

Replicated by:

Quandoo (Austria, 2012) - Acquired for $220 million

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